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    A Great Big Pile of Leaves at Russo Music in Asbury Park, NJ 08.29.2013

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  3. hey pals follow your dreams, I wrote a poem about Lou Reed and made $50 for it tonight


  4. La Dispute

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  5. your heart is kind
    well it makes a pattern with mine
    it goes one, two, three, one, two, three
    beat, beat on three

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  6. Katy and A$AP Rocky at the Soho Desert House With Bacardi at Coachella Music Valley.

    about this

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  7. Boys Night Out Teasing A Comeback?



    Boys Night Out members are currently in a practice space jamming together once again. Trainwreck turns ten in 2015. Check out two teaser images below after the jump.

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  8. The Blood Brothers

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  9. "This song was recorded using a microphone dating back to the 1950s, and the reverb on the vocals was achieved by playing the recordings into a shower. The song itself is about paranoia. Being afraid of the outside world convinced that people can hear your thoughts."

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