1. hollylugosi:

    My bows have been selling so fast this weekend! Iā€™m so happy to see people getting into the Halloween spirit!



  2. i think about this dog a lot

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  3. korvjl:

    saturday feeling / september 2014


  4. best

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  6. i’m cleaning out 5 years of my iphoto and ….

    how did i let this happen

    i am so basic


  7. The greens


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  8. my last night serving filet mignon and lobster tails to a bunch of rich ding dongs šŸ˜Œ


  9. therarecreature said: Tell 5 things you like about yourself (publicly) and send it 10 of your fave followers :)


    1. i like my body
    2. i like that i’m able to appreciate music as deeply as i do
    3. i like that i don’t really care about material things
    4. i’m proud of my college degree/experience
    5. i have nice hair



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