1. Anonymous asked: because you are amazing

    just a girl with a blog rly


  2. Anonymous asked: Connor probably reblogged a selfie and I thirst followed. But I stuck around for non-thirst stuff

    hahaha i am glad i could fulfill your non-thirsty needs


  3. Anonymous asked: 'cause cute funny girl with similar tastes in music.

    thx pal


  4. tell me why u follow me on anon


    This has so much potential to be cool

    yes sure anything to procrastinate this paper

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  5. stop reblogging sad sentences and calling them poetry


  6. Doesn’t matter it’s only a matter of time
    Understand that at the very least I tried

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  8. found a box full of sharp objects what a beautiful THHUAAAHHNG

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  9. Native - Brass

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  10. 2nd unsuccessful day graduation dress shopping. sick